Talk That Talk

"A very smart and engaging storyteller. He has the ability to breathe life into the seemingly mundane." Amanda Dinsmor, ACD, New Control- A Merkle Company


"Nick once nearly killed a sheep by hand-feeding it a crab apple." Seamus Anderson, Foreman, Stuart Farm Labourers 


"I always had confidence when we were paired up, our concepts would turn out smart, witty and beautiful." Lauren Stegmeyer, ACD, Magnani Continuum Marketing


"Nick was the repeat winner of our “Casualest Employee Contest,” a surprisingly popular work event of his own design." Sharon Wallace, VP of Human Resources, Emmi Solutions


"He loves to come at a project from a different perspective, taking it beyond the expected to deliver the always coveted 'big idea.'" Christy Hogan Hutchinson, Director of Strategy and Planning, Magnani Continuum Marketing